Controller’s Message
The examinations Department is the backbone of any University/BOARD/INSTITUTE and also plays a vital role in the functioning of a University i.e conducting the Examinations, Announcement of Results, Award of Degree, Issuance of Certificates, Verification of Academic Records & Arrangement of Convocation.
The Examination Department of Mehran UET, Jamshoro conducts highly reliable examinations with zero tolerance towards two main campuses and four Affiliated Colleges/Institutes of Mehran University, Jamshoro. The examinations and evaluation System of this University contribute to making its degree as a benchmark of Quality Education.
The Examinations Department also ensures timely preparation of results, the arrangement of Convocation, Issuance of Certificates, Transcripts, Pass Certificates, and Degrees of undergraduate, MS/M.Phil/Ph.D of University and its Affiliated Colleges/Institutions. This Department is asserted that any Certificate that goes out of this university is genuine and is being issued after completion and fulfillment of all the legal requirements for this purpose.

All work and processes are being done according to the Act, Statutes, Rules, and Regulations made by the authorities of the University in the Examinations Department.

Syed Muhammad Raza Shah
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Fax. (+92-22) 2771563
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