Degree Procedure

Procedure for Degree

  • The concerned candidate requests for the issuance of Degree Certificate by filling up the prescribe application form in all respects and submits the same to the Enquiry Counter of the Examinations Department along with Bank Challan, Recent Photograph, Photostat copies of Marks Certificate from 1 to 8 Term/Semester, Pass Certificate, Enrolment Card, Clearance Certificate, N.I.C. and submits the same to the Enquiry Counter of the Examinations


  • The Enquiry Clerk shall check all the pertinent required documents/paid Bank challan duly verified from Accounts Branch, and thereafter accepts the same by issuing a Receipt on the backside of the paid Bank Challan of the candidate’s copy mentioning therein the date of delivery of Degree Certificate (within 15 working Days). The said receipt issued to the candidate shall necessarily be returned in original on the Enquiry Counter at the time of collection of Degree Certificate.


  • The Counter Clerk will make entry in the Register on the same day and send to the concerned Incharge on next day for further process through Incharge of Customer Services. The Incharge Customer Services shall coordinate for timely preparation of Degree Certificates.


  • The Incharge Degree Section after checking all the documents on the basis of record from abstract & ledgers shall get print through computer.


  • The Incharge concerned after getting the Degree written, prepares office note for getting signature of Controller of Examinations, Registrar and Vice-Chancellor on the Degree.


  • After getting the Degree signed by the concerned, the same is entered in the Degree register and embossed with brass seal for delivery to the concerned candidate after getting signature on
    the register.


  •  The Degree Certificate is also delivered.